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Amardeep Yadav

Hello there, My name is Amardeep founder of I have experience in many technologies like Android, Java, Php etc. In this variety of technologies, I love Android App Development. If you have any idea and you want me to develop for you then let’s have chat Email: [email protected]

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8 Responses

  1. Phani Raaj says:

    Hello, My name is raaj and been trying to create a rss feed in my android using your source code. the problem is it works fine with your default rss feed url in the code but when i change the url. it displays plain xml code and no pictures either. What should i do? please help me im stuck here

  2. Aram says:

    Hi, I followed your tutorial and it was just great, it’s all working as I wanted. But there’s one thing that’s left and I’m asking for, How can I activate the links so when I click an article it’s going to a browser and read the content of the news? I’m not sure if you already added this functionality or not but on my app it’s not working.
    Thanks alot for this great tutorial again

  3. Triono Hidayat (Rion) says:

    Image dont show. why?

    • else if (cureent.getNodeName().equalsIgnoreCase(“media:thumbnail”)) {
      //this will return us thumbnail url
      String url = cureent.getAttributes().item(0).getTextContent();

      Debug this part of code you will find solution

  4. Triono Hidayat (Rion) says:

    Image don’t show. why?

  5. Justen H says:

    How to run new activity contains news details(full news description) when I click on it

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