Android Login and Register with SQLite Database Tutorial

Amardeep Yadav

Hello there, My name is Amardeep founder of I have experience in many technologies like Android, Java, Php etc. In this variety of technologies, I love Android App Development. If you have any idea and you want me to develop for you then let's have chat Email: [email protected]

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  1. Sumaira says:

    sir i copy ur code same but Snackbar or TextInputLayout not resolveable plz tell me how i can resolve it

  2. Han says:

    Hi I have a problem where I want the user to fill in all the details and if there’s an empty detail left the user can’t proceed but for my app, it keeps registering them although when they have an empty box left.

  3. Kipruto Barno says:

    This tutorial has been perfected to military precision, quite literally. Thanks mate. This is impressive!

  4. meek says:

    thx for dis how ever am getting these as errors ( import;
    they selected in red color making everything at touched to them have errors

  5. ciro says:

    best tutorial Mr. Amardeep

  6. Surinder Singh says:

    It worked for me! In case if you are getting a problem then please check your dependecy in gradle and add the following code : implementation ‘’

  7. Rozanna says:

    Hi, Thanks for the code i used only the login part and it gives and error when i run the app it stops doesn’t even open it can you please help me.

    • Sure i will be happy to help you can you please explain me what error you get?

      • Rozanna says:

        Hi Sir,

        Actually i need to develop a login where the admin creates the users and the users doesn’t have to register so i only wanted to get the code for the login and when i run it on my Android mobile it says unfortunately Login has stopped

  8. Orkhan says:

    Hi, I am curious about where created database is stored.

    • For non-rooted devices, database is in private folder that you can’t access
      but if your device is rooted then probable location of your SQLite database is inside

  9. Josh Tagz says:

    It’s not running in my emulator, i think their is something missing in the code to run the application. i tried this one in my android studio 3.0.1 version.

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