#1 Introduction to Directory Structure of Android – Android Tutorials For Beginner

While developing Android applications we have to deal with different types of files. These files are at different locations. In this tutorial, I will discuss Directory Structure of android. Android Studio project keeps our files well organized.


Directory Structure of Android

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This file most important file in an Android project. This file contains an index of your application. Information about permissions, Activities, Services etc. have to be listed in this file. For better understanding take an example of a book. Every book has an index page at the start. This index page contains a list of all chapters. Inside chapters list of topics. So if you want to find the specific topic you can refer this index to directly jump to that section. The manifest file is also like an index of application where permissions, Activities, Services etc. are listed. An example of the Manifest file is below.


Java Folder

This is the folder where you can put all of your functional logic of your application. This folder will contain all of your java classes interfaces etc. You can create packages under it to organize your project well. An example of This folder is as shown below.

Directory Structure of Android - Java Folder

Res Folder

This folder contains all of your application resources like layouts, drawables, strings, dimensions. We will take look at some most important folders and files.

Drawable Folder

This folder contains all of your application icons, images, vectors etc.

Layout folder

All layouts of your application goes in this folder.

Values folder

This folder contains files like strings.xml, styles.xml, dimens.xml . Strings.xml file contains all of your application strings. Suppose you have a string and you want to use it, again and again, you can define it inside strings.xml and use reference. styles.xml is used to define all necessary styles of application.

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