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Are you beginner in android then you should take look at below article. Explained according to beginners understanding.


Android CoordinatorLayout Examples – Toolbar, Collapsing Toolbar, Tabs, ViewPager

Android CoordinatorLayout is a layout which provides control over design library components. Design library components like FloatingActionButton, SnackBar, AppBarLayout etc. These components behave differently when added to CoordinatorLayout. Term Coordinate means bring the different elements of (a complex...


Wireless Debugging Over Wi-Fi

Usually developers use usb for debugging purpose. But it becomes very difficult to developers  when mobile phone uses the charge of laptop in process of debugging. To get rid of it we can use Wireless...


How to Insatll Android Studio on Windows

In this days android has taken dominant place in market. There planty of available jobs for android devloper. First thing we need to get started with android is IDE(Intigrated Development Enviroment) which Android Studio....